How to Write an Essay

The essay is a common assignment for students. Many have been used to it because it is part of the academic program. It may be a tedious, daunting, and challenging task at first, as you do not really know the proper ways to write an essay. Therefore, students who have difficulties composing an essay would turn to websites like and others, as they can just order essays from such websites. But if you want to extend your horizons and knowledge, it is best that you take an effort to write your own essay. Doing this is beneficial for you, not only while you are a student, but even when you head to your dream career. Knowing the right ways to write an essay is your first step to compose the essay you want to have for school.

Ways to Write an Essay

Choose a topic of interest

This is the first step in any essay writing process. Choosing the topic will determine the path that you would set to complete the essay. The topic you should choose must catch the attention of the reader. Keep in mind that the topic can either attract or push away your potential readers. Choose a topic that is intriguing, controversial, popular, or trending.

Do a thorough research

After choosing the desired topic, it is now time to do thorough research and use all resources to get information, facts, and details. Newspapers, previous write-ups in the library, and the internet are some places where you can do your research. Asking experts or those who have a relation to the topic can also help. Research is a vital part of writing an essay. You can never write anything without proper research.

Do an outline and write the draft

This part of the process is critical because it will dictate the outcome of the essay. The questions, points, and other things that you want to write must be properly outlined so that the idea is not misleading. It will also make your statements easier to understand by the readers. The outline will keep you on the track where the essay is going. It is needed to organize ideas, information, and details about the topic. From the outline, you can easily compose your first draft.

Review the draft

The first outcome after you finish writing your essay must be properly checked for grammar, spelling, sentence construction, and flow of ideas. This step will help submit a flawless essay. You can read your essay several times. You can also let it pass through apps and programs that check spelling, grammar, readability, and others. This way, you can thoroughly check your essay and make sure it does not have any errors or mistakes.


After checking the draft, you can now finalize your essay so it will be ready for submission.
Learning how to write an essay is a continuous process and practice. The more you get used to it, the better piece of work you can create. Keep in mind that the most important step to writing an essay is taking the effort to do it. Once you have tried writing one, you will develop your own style and steps to take, so writing will be easier for you to accomplish.