What Type of Pressure Do Girls Deal With About Having a Perfect Body?

Many teens and youngsters, especially girls, are bothered about their body image. It is not surprising as the media has introduced the idea of the "perfect" body. As a result, people, especially young girls, are usually worried about not having an ideal shape.
This affects their attitude, behavior, self-esteem, and their attitude towards relationship. As a result, they feel that they are not worthy of love, attention, and care. This affects how they present themselves in a relationship. This makes them prioritize trivial things and make a mountain out of a molehill. No matter how much they invest in starting the relationship, via blind dates, wellhello, etc., they fail to build strong relationships.
This begs the question, what causes the pressure to have a perfect body?
1. Fashion brand and Media
When it comes to promoting positive body image, the Media does not help. The idea of the perfect body presented by our brands and Social Media is a woman with figure eight, fair skin, and no blemish.
This puts pressure on young girls to go after getting the perfect body by all means necessary. The worst part is that many feel that when they do not measure up, it is a crime. This puts pressure on girls to have the perfect body.
2. Friends and Peer Group
Having friends is pretty important because they motivate us. And there is something called peer pressure as well. There are times; friends can stop communicating with you because of some flaws. Also, male friends could even pressure their female friends into having a perfect body. This leads young girls to various complexes and steps to have the ideal body.
3. Society
The world we live in also makes the rules. Our society, in a way, does not favor women with not a perfect body. This is due to the unrealistic standards that have been set by the media and society. This pressure girls to change and do various kinds of things to get the perfect body.

Impact of This pressure on Young Girls:

1. Low Confidence and Self Esteem
Young girls, at times, feel that they are not complete without having the perfect body. As a result, this affects their behaviour and role in society. When they think they do not fit into a certain standard, it leads to a devastating effect on their self-image.
2. Ladies Have Negative Self Image
When ladies do not fit into the imaginary standards created by society, it leads to a negative self-image. As a result, they hate themselves and the way they look. This affects their performance in everyday activities.
3. Ladies Face Numerous Restrictions
When ladies fail to have a perfect body, it leads to having various restrictions. As a result, they fail to take opportunities and reject every chance to meet a great suitor.
People find love in the least unexpected places like Facebook, wellhello, etc. A man who is genuinely interested in you will not make you feel bad about your body. The main thing is to have a beautiful soul and be a real human. That is what makes people unique!